When carrying out refurbishments it can be frustrating to find yourself sending numerous cabinets and furniture off to landfill rather than recycling. With the Medspace RAW material product range this concern is redundant, as it is fully recyclable at its end of life. This is not only appeasing financially but also reassuring, knowing that the environmental impact of any refurbishment is minimised.

MFC and MDF have for a longtime been the standard material for cabinetry within clinical environments, with upgrades such as stainless steel or trespa being a very expensive option. This is not the case with our RAW material, and with our 10 year guarantee on all products specified by Medspace the return on investment is superior to that of both MDF and MFC.

With an inner core of foamed PVC and smooth, strong PVC outer the material is light but rigid and impact resistant. Suited to a huge range of environments including:

Healthcare areas, wet rooms, bathrooms, laboratories, flood risk homes, electrical cabinets and wall cladding.

The silver additive within the core of the product make it anti bacterial for life, 99% effective against MRSA, E-Coli and other common hospital bacteria’s. The product is also available without the silver additive if required.

RAW cabinetry
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  • 100% Waterproof

    The material is entirely waterproof, immune to rot and swelling.
  • Anti-Bacterial

    99% effective against MRSA. E-coli and other common hospital bacteria.

  • Anti-Static

    It’s anti-static properties help to make the PVC surface remain dust-free.

  • Green

    The material is made from recycled PVC and is 100% recyclable at it’s ‘end of life’.

  • Tough and impact resistant

    The product is rigid and resistant to general impacts, we typically offer a 10 year guarantee with all our cabinetry.

Innovative and creative solution to clients environment problems.

Delivering a cost effective, long lasting product with real advantages over alternatives.

Improve the storage systems within your department, whilst enhancing its clinical attributes.

Setting the gold standard with best practice cabinetry solutions.

RAW cabinetry

The robust properties of the RAW material make it a sensible choice for almost all installations. Being waterproof the cabinets are immune to the risk of flooding, and are fully able to withstand steam and waterjet cleaning.

Available in a wide range of widths, depths and heights our standard range should accommodate all requirements. Drawer and door options are numerous and bespoke options such as vertical drawers are available without irrational charges.

RAW cabinetry