At Medspace Solutions we think it is essential that we supply the best quality products available to our customers, which is why we have teamed up with sink and tap manufacturers of the highest standard. In addition to the items shown we offer a wide range of specialist sinks and taps which are available upon request.

All of our products comply with British and HTM64 standards

All sinks are provided without plug and overflow as standard, though both options are available if required.



IOMOS12SR305mm x 356mm x 160mm
IOMOS27SR508mm x 356mm x 180mm
IOMOS210SR508mm x 356mm x 250mm
IOMOS38SR533mm x 381mm x 200mm
IOMOS3810SR533mm x 381mm x 250mm
IOMOS412SR610mm x 457mm x 305mm

Sparta inset rectangular bowls are manufactured in 1.4401 (316) grade stainless steel which offers excellent acid and chemical resistance.

Sparta inset bowls are supplied with sound deadening pads and integral earth tag to BS 4190.


Jersey hospital sinktops fully comply with HTM64.

Jersey sinktops are supplied with softwood subframe or stainless steel underframes, sound deadening pad and earth tag.

They also (except 1000mm) have polished bowls measuring 533mm x 381mm, 200mm deep (0.92mm thickness) and drainers (1.2mm thickness)


IHSH1000LSingle bowl, left hand drainer1000mm x 600mm
IHSH1000RSingle bowl, right hand drainer1000mm x 600mm
IHSH1200LSingle bowl, left hand drainer1200mm x 600mm
IHSH1200RSingle bowl, right hand drainer1200mm x 600mm
IHSH1500LSingle bowl, left hand drainer1500mm x 600mm
IHSH1500RSingle bowl, right hand drainer1500mm x 600mm
IHSH1800LDouble bowl, left hand drainer1800mm x 600mm
IHSH1800RDouble bowl, right hand drainer1800mm x 600mm
IHSHM1500Single bowl, double drainer1500mm x 600mm
IHSHM1800Single bowl, double drainer1800mm x 600mm
IHSHMD2400Double bowl, double drainer1800mm x 600mm


Sicily is a range of sit-on hospital sinks to the size and profile as specified by HTM64.

With a 550mm projection, Sicily sinktops have a 55mm deep front edge with a safe bullnose profile and 50mm rear upstand.


HS1055SL63Single bowl, left hand drainer1000mm x 550mm
HS1055SR63Single bowl, right hand drainer1000mm x 550mm
HS1255SD63Single bowl, double drainer1200mm x 550mm
HS1655SD63Single bowl, double drainer1600mm x 600mm
HS1855SD63Single bowl, double drainer1800mm x 550mm

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