HTM71 Liners

HTM71 Liner DrawingHTM71 Liners and Arrester Clips

In 2014 Medspace became the first UK company to offer anti-bacterial liners and arrester clips as standard for our HTM71 cabinets.

These are supplied throughout our range providing our customers with a clinical, high density storage solution.

The liner provides the flexibility to be able to position both trays and shelves into locations best suited to the area in which the cabinet is installed.

This flexibility also provides an element of ‘future-proving’ with the ability to change and alter tray positions should there be a change in stock holding.

The arrestor clips are used to ensure there is no unintentional removal of a tray from the cabinet. This safe guard is an essential function of the HTM71 system and these are provided with cabinets as standard.

When in the arrested position the trays will tilt slightly to improve accessibility.

HTM71 Liners and Arrester Clips
HTM71 Liners and Arrester Clips

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