HTM71 Cabinetry

Our Medspace HTM71 cabinetry range is a highly effective storage system built around the International ISO 600mm x 400mm storage module.

It is the pinnacle of material management, providing most flexible and efficient use of space available.

The system offers considerable benefits over conventional shelved cabinetry, which when properly implemented can of provide up 50% more storage capacity. The internal antibacterial liners are designed to accept the module trays as well as shelving and our specialist accessories, these items are also interchangeable with our other mobile HTM71 systems.

Our fitted HTM71 cabinetry is installed to the highest standard by our dedicated Installation Team, with panelling being scribed on site and sealed using antibacterial sealant to ensure a finish suitable for clinical environments.

As well as our standard height fixed cabinet bespoke height cabinets can be supplied on request.

HTM71 Cabinets

Units are fitted with anti-bacterial liners for use with trays and shelves. Telescopic runners can also be fitted for the safe storage of heavier items such as fluids.

The units are available with or without doors and in a wide range of colours.

Click the viewer below to see a typical installation in 3D 

To control the view: left click and hold to spin the 3D model around. Right click pans the model viewer. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in.

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