Metro Starsys

Starsys WorkCenter

 30-inch (762mm), 33” (838mm), 36-inch (914mm), 39-inch (991mm), and 42-inch (1067mm) available heights for seated and standing applications.

Utility spaces can be created.

Corner units to help maximize storage space.

Kneehole options meet ADA Guidelines.

Countertops available in Epoxy, Trespa, Corian, Stainless Steel, and Laminate.

Sinks and fixtures also available.

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Durable & Functional
The Metro Starsys System features a robust, aluminum and steel-framed with advanced polymers forming the outer skin.

Metro Starsys
Metro StarsysMetro Starsys
Metro Starsys
Metro Starsys
Metro Starsys