Basix Plus™ is constructed from a combination of materials to endure the rigors of a daily routine while providing a safe, ergonomic and flexible work area for the user.

The cabinet is made of steel to provide a solid structure. The drawers are made from aluminum to reduce the overall weight of the cart.

The polymer base reduces overall weight and provides impact protection to the cart and surrounding environment.

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Metro Basix Plus
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Metro Flexline


Metro Flexline™ medical supply carts with technology and power, provide space-strapped healthcare facilities with additional storage at the point-of-care, as well as consistent access to patient information.

Flexline can be configured to fit your needs and your budget. This medical supply cart is constructed of advanced polymers, designed with rounded corners and infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection for a clean, durable solution that withstands the rigors of a healthcare environment.

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Metro Lifeline Cart


Metro incorporates several elements in its product design to support a facility’s cleanliness processes:

Microban® antimicrobial protection-keep products “cleaner between cleanings”

Advanced polymer and other proprietary finishes provide corrosion resistance

Smooth rounded corners to allow for easier cleaning

Flexline is available in four heights and two widths and can be configured with or without a range of accessories, your choice!

Lifeline Emergency Cart


Maneuverable – An ergonomic handle and a propriety 5th wheel steering assist system assures maximum control in transit and maneuverability during a code.

Accessible – Storage areas for first line medications, airway and other critical supplies and equipment are designed to be accessed by multiple members of the code response team.

Secure – Tamper evident seals secure the top compartment, drawers and side bins and can be sealed in segments or one seal can secure the entire cart.

Organized – Full extension, self-closing drawers, drawer divider systems, exchange trays and drawer labels are available to allow for easy access and identification of drawer contents.

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Metro Accessories