HTM71 Trays & PLastics


Part code Description Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
CLEAR200 200mm Clear Tray 400 600 200
CLEAR100 100mm Clear Tray 400 600 100
CLEAR200H 200mm Clear Half Size Tray 400 300 200
CLEAR100H 100mm Clear Half Size Tray 400 300 100
CLEAR200LD 200mm Length Divider 5 600 200
CLEAR200WD 200mm Width Divider 5 400 200
CLEAR100LD 100mm Length Divider 5 600 100
CLEAR100WD 100mm Width Divider 5 400 100
ARRESTER Single Arrester Clip (2 required per tray)
LINER Universal Liner 390 28 652
SHF6415 HTM71 shelf (MFC) 400 600 15
SHF4315 HTM71 half size shelf (MFC) 300 400 15
SHF6315 HTM71 WU655 shelf (MFC) 600 300 15

Looking for HTM71 cabinets? See our HTM71 Cabinet range here.

The key component to the HTM71 system is the 600mm x 400mm tray.

The tray sits within the cabinet liner and arrester clips are used to stop the tray leaving the cabinet unintentionally. As standard we offer HTM71 trays in either clear or grey and in depths of 50mm, 100mm or 200mm.

A major benefit of the HTM71 system is the ability to label and compartmentalise each individual tray. The labels can be used for product indentification, colour coding or a combination of both.

HTM71 100mm tray with dividers
HTM71 100mm tray in cabinet
HTM71 100mm tray
HTM71 200mm tray
HTM71 half size tray group image

Dividers add additional functionality to the HTM71 system.

They provide users with the opportunity to maximise the effective use of the tray by compartmentalising to suit their stock, the tray dividers are an essential part of the material management solution.

Both width and length dividers are available for all tray sizes and types with 34 different location positions available per tray.

The dividers are also a very effective tools for implementing dual bin and kanban inventory control systems.

Medspace offer a wide range of label holding systems in order to provide optimum choice to our customers. Our range includes adhesive clear strip labels (Ideal for printed NHS labels), removable card holders and clear polycarbonate labels.


Clear 100mm tray width and length divider


Clear 200mm tray width and length divider