Combined Controlled Drugs & Medicine Cabinets

The best of both. Our combined controlled drugs and medicine cabinets solve your safe storage issues. A BS2881 compliant cabinet with a smaller Controlled 'Misuse of Drugs' inside. Each medicine cabinet has a choice of 3 different CD cabinet sizes

Combined Medicine and Controlled Drugs Cabinet

Controlled drugs cabinets are specialized cabinets used to store controlled drugs safely and securely in healthcare facilities. These cabinets are fully compliant with “The Misuse of Drugs (safe custody) regulations 1973” and BS2881:1989 level one. These are the legal regulations and requirements for the storage of a controlled drug in the United Kingdom.

The use of controlled drugs cabinets is essential in ensuring the safety and security of controlled drugs and preventing their misuse or diversion. Healthcare facilities are required to maintain strict records of all controlled drugs received, dispensed, and destroyed, and controlled drugs cabinets play a critical role in facilitating this process.

We supply a comprehensive range of medicine storage cabinets and trolleys for a variety of applications. All conforming to BS2881:1989, level 1, they are suitable for the storage of medicines in healthcare premises.

BS2881:1989 is the requirement for the storage of Medicines in healthcare premises within the UK. The full title is BS 2881:1989 “Cupboards for the Storage of Medicines in Health Care Premises”. When you buy your Medicine Storage solutions from Medpace Solutions you can be sure they will be fully compliant. Fully compliant with all the relevant regulations within the United Kingdom. You can also be sure that you will receive a first class product and service.


Click a part code below to see detailed spec, datasheets and CAD models. Custom size cabinets are available upon request:

Our cabinet are constructed from at least 1.5mm thick steel.

We use piano hinges to hold the doors in place. As a result, we increase the access size into the cabinet. Most of all this enables you to make better use of the internal space. The piano hinge is also stronger than other hinging methods, adding further to the security level offered by our cabinets.

All Controlled Drugs Cabinets include the necessary fixings and delivery to mainland UK
Part code Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
CMED-250A 500 300 600
CMED-250B 500 300 600
CMED-250C 500 300 600
CMED-200A 600 300 600
CMED-200B 600 300 600
CMED-200C 600 300 600
CMED-350A 500 300 500
CMED-350B 500 300 900
CMED-350C 500 300 900
CMED-300A 600 300 900
CMED-300B 600 300 900
CMED-300C 600 300 900
CMED-401A 800 300 600
CMED-401B 800 300 600
CMED-401C 800 300 600
CMED-402A 800 300 900
CMED-402B 800 300 900
CMED-402C 800 300 900
CMED-403A 1000 300 600
CMED-403B 1000 300 600
CMED-403C 1000 300 600
CMED-404A 1000 300 900
CMED-404B 1000 300 900
CMED-404C 1000 300 900
CD cabinet warning light

As an optional extra we can fit the following options to your CD cabinet (or Medicine cabinet)

  • Visual alarm, this is a warning light that is activated when the door is open. It’s a 9 Volt self-contained unit.
  • Volt-free door switch – this is designed to connect the cabinet to an external nurse call system or warning light.

Please contact us for more information.

Cabinet standards

The below are British Standards and legislation our combined controlled drug and medicine cabinets conforms to:

  • The Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Act 1973
  • BS2881:1989 (Security Level One) Specification for Cupboards for the Storage of Medicines in Health Care Premises
  • BS3621 anti-pick & drill, key retaining six pin cylinder lock (supplied with 3 keys)


Controlled Drugs / MEDICINE Cabinet Specification

  • Constructed from 1.5mm thick cold reduced mild steel sheet.
  • 3mm thick anchor plates at all fixing points.
  • Fully welded construction.
  • Anti-Jimmy folded return down full length of hinge side of door.
  • A 2mm thick mild steel continuous hinge. Complete with 25mm joints and 4.5mm diameter hinge pin. Additionally, to prevent removal of the door the hinge pin is welded.


Lock Cylinder Specification

  • 1 x 6 Pin Euro-profile cylinder lock incorporating Anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-bump and fire resistant features.
  • Independently tested to meet BS: EN1303:2005
  • Kitemark – KM532920
  • TS007 1 Star Cylinder
  • Key security grade 5
  • Torque resistance of plug/cylinder relevant to attack resistance – 30 Nm
  • Meets the MLA vulnerability test for cylinders
  • Key Retention – The key cannot be removed when the door is open.
  • Cylinder meets BS EN1303:2005 which is the latest security standard testing against all methods of attack. The lock holds Kitemark KM532920.
  • The cylinder holds Secured by Design accreditation (TS007). This is the Police preferred specification.



Part code Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
CDC-001 210 270 300
CDC-002 300 270 335
CDC-905 300 270 500
Controlled drugs cabinet - CDC-001
Controlled drugs cabinet - CDC-002
Controlled drugs cabinet - CDC-905